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“Watershed 93125 ” Kiichiro Ogawa Exhibition

at Rokkosan Silence Resort in 2020

“Watershed ” is a body of water that marks the frontier between two worlds, the surface world of flowing water and that of underlying rivers that it feeds. In the same way, this solo exhibition marks the line between the activities that Kiichiro has performed until the present and the artistic trajectory that the artist faces from now on. It also marks his leap from Japan to the European world. This milestone in the work of artist had taken place at an altitude of 931.25m…in beautiful Rokko Mountain.

“Watershed ”それは水脈が二つに分かれる境界線(分水嶺、分水界)。今回の個展は彼が行ってきた活動のアーカイブと、これからに向けての2つのコンセプトに基づいた構成。また、国内での活動からヨーロッパへと活動を移す一つの区切り。標高 931.25mで行われた一人の芸術家の節目となった展示。

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