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Kobe Fashion Mart – Office 7N-12
神戸ファッションマート 7N-12

Celebrating Our Global Culture…

Jackie & Partners works with a diverse selection of artists and brings their art to the world. Our artists have shown us the beautiful lenses through which the world can be viewed and interpreted. We aspire to convey these visions across cultures and through generations in order to bring people together. Jackie & Partners works with museums, galleries, diplomatic institutions and non-governmental organizations to introduce, coordinate, and manage art and culture events in Japan and abroad. Our projects include: cross-cultural exchanges; museum and gallery exhibitions; dance and theatre productions; music shows; fashion events; and design coordination.
Our passion for our artists and the work they do inspires us to communicate the stories they tell through their art. We believe that art is the most effective way to create dialogue between cultures and this is our small contribution to create better understandings amongst people of all walks of life.
Jackie & Partners welcomes individuals and organizations alike to work with us to achieve our goal of bridging people and cultures through art.


ジャッキー&パートナーズ は、日本と海外のアーティスト、博物館、外交機関と連携して、芸術や文化をお互いに紹介するアートイベントのプロデュース、マネジメントを行っています。 マネジメント分野は、文化交流、芸術、ダンス、ファッション、デザインなど多岐にわたります。ジャッキー&パートナーズ は世界で活躍するアーティストと共に活動しています。



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Kobe Fashion Mart 7N-12 9-6 Koyocho-Naka, Higashinada-ku, KOBE 658-0032, Japan
〒658-0032神戸市東灘区向洋町中9-6神戸ファッションマート 7N-12
Pinehill 5F 17-18 Sarugaku-cho, Shibuya-ku, TOKYO 150-0033, Japan
〒150-0033 東京都渋谷区猿楽町17-18 パインヒル5階     •




Jacqueline Okuma Managing Director

Jacqueline Okuma
Managing Director


Akane Okuma

Akane Okuma
Tokyo Director




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Virginia Cortés Gardyn

Gardyn Studios




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