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Toni Cumella

Toni Cumella

Born in 1951, Antoni (Toni) Cumella is now the the third generation of Ceramica Cumella which was founded in 1880. At the time the company focused on making traditional ceramics and pottery for daily use but, over time the focus of Ceramica Cumella shifted to producing ceramics for architectural projects and large scale art works. In 1992 the studio was commissioned for two major architectural projects; the restoration of Gaudi’s Casa Batlló (with architect Josep Botey) and the restoration of Gaudi’s Parc Güell (with architects Elíes Torres & Martinez Lapena). Today all tiles used in restoration projects of Gaudi's structures are produced by Ceramica Cumella.
Toni Cumella promotes his style by collaborating with architects. He is involved in the entire process of a project, from conception to production where he incorporates his tiles as a main component of the building structure. Acting in memory of his family legacy Toni Cumella thinks it necessary to integrate technical tradition with an innovative, modern  process.
Toni's exhibition for the event consisted of a series of short movies of his vast body of work. The images below are examples of Toni's architectural projects over the years.



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