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Joan Farré      
Self taught in his craft of basketry, Joan Farré is known for using traditional Catalan basket weaving techniques and creating modern shapes. In 2007 seven he received the prestigious Diplomade Maestro Artesano. Though he generally works with dried willow to make his pieces he has also designed parks and other green spaces by manipulating live willow trees into living art pieces.
He is most well known for his work on the Spanish pavilion during the world expo in Shanghai in 2010. For the exterior of the pavilion, collaborating with architects his weaved pieces were assembled together like a mosaic on the exterior of the building. The design for this pavilion received the bronze medal at the World Expo.
During Joan's trip to Japan he had the opportunity to work with bamboo for the first time at the Kodai-ji temple, and build a permanent structure at the viewing deck of the temple. The construction took three days and blending eastern materials with western aesthetics seamlessly. As a treat, he also drove a "weaved" car created by a fellow Japanese basket weaver while visiting an atelier.



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