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Kobe University’s NIRS Lab under the supervision of Professor Roumiana Tsenkova are one of the pioneers in a new field of biological research known as Aquaphotomics.
Aquaphotomics aims to collectively characterize and quantify pools of water molecules having the same molecular vibrations that translate into structure, function, and dynamics of organisms or aqueous systems. Aquaphotomics is a new concept referring to “water as molecular mirror”. It was introduced in 2005 by Prof. Tsenkova, to describe rapid and comprehensive analysis of water-light interaction at each frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum as a potential source of information for better understanding of the biological world through the water and spectroscopy.
After many years of research Aquaphotomics is ready to be introduced to the world. Jackie & Partners worked with the  team at Kobe University to package the science in the most beautiful and appealing way possible. To start J&P coordinated the design of the new Aquaphotomics and NIRS Lab logos created by Megumi Koyama. We also collaborated with the web designers and individuals from the Lab during the process of designing the new Aquaphotomics website. To learn more about Aquaphotomics please visit their website or the Kobe University NIRS Lab website.



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