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“confinement art” Exhibition by Kiichiro Ogawa

Coordination by Jackie & Partners LLC

Opening: 2020/10/20 – Tuesday (closing 2020/11/8 – Sunday)

Talk Show (TBD)

Kobe Fashion Museum, Rokko Island

In the 45 days from the time the state of emergency was announced on April 7th, to the day it was lifted on May 21th, Kiichiro did not set foot outside of his house and did not meet anyone. He just spent his days drawing one work after another.

The TV was filled with negative news; social media was bursting with criticism towards the government’s measures and with complaints about others. We were saturated with negative energy. That’s why the artist cut off his involvement with other people to stay only within himself. He realized that we need lots of creativity in our daily life. During the confinement, Kiichiro said that creativity ran through his body, which was a very fulfilling and enjoyable experience. By eliminating the search for pleasure through relationships with others and society, he was able to maintain a very healthy mental state. By facing himself, he could clearly feel an absolute sense of happiness. And on the day that the emergency was lifted, Kiichiro concluded this work. Originally, there were no red patterns (very similar to the COVID virus), and I had painted a completely different picture underneath. However, the moment red paint was added, people could only see COVID-19. It does not matter how great a masterpiece lies at the back. 


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