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Kobe University - Kobe, Japan 2016

Promotional Material Design and Production by Jackie & Partners

Aquaphotomics is a new “– omics” discipline introduced by the Laboratory of Bio Measurement Technology at Faculty of Agriculture, Kobe University, Japan. The main objective of this new field is to understand the role of the water molecular system by monitoring water spectrum of bio – and aqueous systems under various perturbations. Aquaphotomics presents water spectrum as holistic bio marker, which works as molecular mirror, epitomizing the respective system.
In the contemporary world of interdisciplinary science and technology understanding the role of water and how it works is of crucial importance. This will pave a new venue for hardware and software development of new water measurement devices and technologies. New methods and instruments measuring changes in water structure directly related to disease diagnosis, understanding and prevention will appear. New industry of big data management and analysis of spectral data coming out of in-vivo bio monitoring will be seen in food quality evaluation and biotechnology.
Thanks to the support of Kobe University and all the Japanese co-organizers of the Symposium we have the ambition to establish a network of scientists from different disciplines learning about the water molecular matrix and its direct relation to system functionality, for the benefit of society. "
Chairperson Dr. Prof. Roumiana Tsenkova
Jackie & Partners was honoured assist the team at Kobe University by designing all the promotional materials for the 2nd International Aquaphotomics Symposium. Jackie & Partners designed the Circulars, Posters, and Pamphlets for this event that takes place on the 26 to 29th of November 2016. The cutting edge research being done by these scientists is something to be revered and appreciated, and Jackie & Partners hopes that the work we did to Promote this conference encourages everyone to ponder about the importance of water and to learn about how Aquaphotomics is opening a new pathway to our understanding of water.

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