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Abe Rábade Trio

has been a stable group since the year they appeared in Boston (USA) in 1996. The band won the 2nd prize at the Getxo International Jazz Groups Competition in 2000. “Babel de Sons” is the first album of the group and includes the award-winning live show This award. The second album was entitled “Symmetries” and was presented at the Festival de Jazz Plaza de La Habana (Cuba) in 2002. The trio’s next record production, “Playing on Light ”, was considered by the magazine Cuaderno de Jazz as the Best Jazz Album in Spain 2006. Zigurat (2010), Abe Rábade’s seventh album as leader and the fourth in trio format, received the award for Best Jazz Album in Spain, awarded by the UFI (Unión Fonográfica Independent) as a result of a popular vote. It was followed by «A Modo», which also obtained this award and several more.

Abe Rábade Trio は1996年にアメリカのボストンに出現したバンドグループ。2000年のゲチョ国際ジャズグループコンクールで2位を獲得。「Babel de Sons」はグループのファーストアルバムであり、 賞を獲得したライブショーも収録されている。 セカンドアルバムは「Symmetries」と題され、2002年キューバでの Festival de Jazz Plaza de La Habanaで発表する。トリオの次のレコード作品「Playingon Light」は、雑誌 Cuaderno de Jazz によってベストジャズと見なされる。人気投票の結果、UFI(Unión Fonográfica Independent)から授与された、Abe Rábade のリーダーとしての7番目のアルバムと4番目のアルバムであるZigurat(2010)がスペインのベストジャズアルバム賞を受賞する。 続いて«A Modo»がこの賞を受賞。


30th April 2023

Bluenote Tokyo ブルーノート東京 (東京都港区南青山6-3-16)


April 2023

Azul terrace (大阪市北区茶屋町4-4 茶屋町ガーデンビル5F)


A pianist and composer born in Santiago de Compostela in 1977. He graduated with a first-class cum laude degree in Jazz Composition and Piano Performance from Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA) in 1999.

He has performed in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

He has made 13 jazz albums as a band leader.

He has premiered more than 200 compositions in Jazz, Classical and Root Music styles.

He is a tireless promotor of dialogue between musical genres and artistic disciplines.

Abe Rábade is artistic co-director of the Permanent Jazz Seminar (Pontevedra, Spain).

He is a faculty member at the Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espectáculo (ESMAE) in Porto (Portugal), and at the Centro Superior de Música de Galicia (CSM Galicia) of Valga (Spain).


A double bass player, composer and producer born in Vitoria (Spain) in 1974. He completed his classic double bass studies in the Superior Music School of Vienna in 1999.

He has collaborated with artists and projects in different genres such as Ultra High Flamenco, Abe Rábade Trio, Jorge Pardo, Gerardo Núñez, bandArt, Hippocampus, Chano Domínguez, Niño Joselu, Rocío Molina, Enrike Solinís and Rosario La Tremendita.

He has composed music for films and advertising campaigns since 2006.

Pablo has released 4 albums: Doméstica (BOST, 2005), El Caminero (BOST, 2011), O.F.N.I. (BOST, 2014) and Salto al vacío (BOST, 2016).

He has saben Double Bach to the stage with the choreographer Antonio Ruz, a show in which he plays two J.S. Bach suites in pizzicato, accompanied by the dancer Tamako Akiyama.


After receiving lessons from renowned musicians on the Portuguese scene, he studied in New York with Leon Parker, Carl Allen, Jordi Rossy, Adam Nussbaum and Billy Hart.

In 1995 he became part of the teaching staff of the Escola de Jazz do Hot Clube in Portugal.

Endowed with outstanding versatility and musicality, Bruno Pedroso is one of the most in demand Portuguese jazz musicians.

He has played and recorded with Zé Eduardo, Nuno Ferreira, Fátima Serro, Kiko, Nelson Cascais, Carlos Barretto, Tomás Pimentel, Carlos Martins and Moreira brothers and regularly accompanies artists such as Nicholas Payton, Gregory Tardy, Rick Margitza, Aaron Goldberg, Perico Sambaed, Ivan Paduart, Ricky Ford and Richard Galliano.

Since 2016, he has been part of Joao Barradas Trio and plays with Salvador Sorrel, the winner of the Eurovision Festival in May 2017.

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