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Washi Workshop coordinated by Jackie & Partners LLC

At Saihou-ji Temple in September 26th, 2019

Megumi is one of a growing number of Japanese artists who are finding new ways to incorporate hand-made, high-quality washi into modern spaces and life. This panel is just a glimpse oh how she envisions the future of washi. The photographs below don’t do justice to the richness and three dimensional of her work. But, if you ask any washi artist of craftsman they will tell you that washi is alive, and that life cannot be captured by camera.

The floral design scatters shimmering glass pieces tastefully throughout the 1600 x 750 cm rectangle. The delicate layers of iridescent washi paired next to the perfectly cut mirror triangles is a combination that honors modernity and traditional art in an elegant and futuristic way.

This art work is displayed in the Presidential Suite of the Tokyo Ritz Carlton

Workshop and Conference about Washi paper by Jacqueline Teissier Okuma

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