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"Trebbia is a European award born in the Prague Church of St. Roch as a natural historical intersection of nearly a thousand years of spiritual development at this site and positive relationships between patrons and creators of cultural values. Since 1994, this unique space has accommodated the international MIRO Gallery. In 2000, the Gallery has established the European award as an expression of thanks to entrepreneurs, patrons and artists, and named it after the river Trebbia. This award is nowadays presented by the TREBBIA Foundation."
On Sunday June 18, 2017, Jacqueline Okuma, the Executive Director of Jackie & Partners was presented with an International Trebbia Award for: Category for Contribution to the Dialogue of National Cultures presented by Cyril Svoboda, former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The award ceremony was held in the Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, a glamorous venue reserved for official state functions. This fairy tale like evening gives us at Jackie & Partners motivation to stick to our mission of bringing people together with art and culture because beauty is a language that speaks to all. Thank you to the Trebbia Foundation and Miro Gallery for this esteemed honour. The entire program of the evening was as follows:

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