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2023 年8月1日スイス建国記念日のパーティーにて、サムライ・アーティストのKAMUIが「THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI」を披露しました。

1st of August, Swiss National Day, special entertainment presentation will be by Samurai Artist named Tetsuro Shimaguchi ( KAMUI ), who will be performing the THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI.

KENGIDO… it is Swordplay combined with Beauty of Form.

That means “THE WAY of SAMURAI” with a Sword Battle sublimed in original method.

It is improving spirit, technique and physical strength, and feeling breath, in mutual understanding, and then it tells Japanese intangible cultural property to all over the world.

島口 哲朗


形式美と芝居と武術を融合したサムライアーティスト。主な俳優活動として、Q・タランティーノ監督映画『KILL BILL vol.1』では 出演(CRAZY88-“MIKI”役)&殺陣指導・振付(雪の庭の決闘などの日本パート)。

J.F.ケネディーセンターをはじめとする KAMUIアメリカ公演、イタリア国立ペルゴラ劇場公演やヴェッキオ宮殿での演舞、ロシア国立エルミタージュ美術館公演などのヨーロッパツアー、アルマーニホテルドバイ、ブルーノートなどでのディナーショー、短編映画主演など活動は多岐にわたる。

2012年、独自のSAMURAI メソッド『剱伎道』を創設。日本、イタリア、ポーランド、チェコ、リトアニア、ベラルーシ、アメリカなどで道場を展開中。




Tetsuro Shimaguchi

Tetsuro Shimaguchi was born in Saitama prefecture in Japan and graduated from Nihon University College of Arts. After getting his start in theater activities such as kabuki, he established “Kengishu KAMUI”. He is a “SAMURAI ARTIST” pursuing Kengido, which mixes beauty of form, with acting, and martial arts.

His major accomplishments as an actor include performing as Crazy 88’s “MIKI”, as well as directing the choreography in “KILL BILL Vol. 1” a film by Quentin Tarantino. Among other achievements, he led the KAMUI Tour in the US including a performance in the John F. Kennedy Center in Washington, DC; “CHANBARA”, “SAMURAI SPIRIT” performances in Edinburgh; European tours in places such as Teatre della Pergola in Italy, and at the Hermitage Museum in Russia, in addition to dinner shows around the world in Hyatt Hotels and Sheraton Hotels, and at the Armani Hotel in Dubai. He has also performed main roles in short movies.

He also choreographed performances in Meijiza, “CLAUDIA”, “HUMANITY”, and “HOSHINO DAICHI NI FURU NAMIDA” performed by Chikyu Gorgeous, and “JIROCHO-SANGOKUSHI” a film by Masahiko Makino.

Currently, media networks in the US and Europe feature his works, and he advocates for the promotion of SAMURAI culture.

He has a certification as a master of Nanaougi-ryu classical Japanese dance, and he excels in Shinkageryu-Kenjutsu and Karate. In 2012, he established the original samurai dojo “KENGIDO”.

swiss ambassador Dr.Amdreas Baum
Swiss Consul Felix Moesner
with Roumiana, Donna, Guo

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