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Jackie & Partners Managing Director Jacqueline Okuma was asked to do a presentation on the foreign community in Kobe for an event that took place on January 14, 2017. The event is part of a series of events organised by the Kobe Fashion Association and Caean leading up towards the 50th anniversary of the designation of Kobe as a “Fashion City.” The 50th anniversary of this designation will be in 2023. Jacqueline presentation touched on the different aspects of living in Kobe as a foreigner. There are currently around 43,000 foreigners from 131 different countries living in Kobe, and they deeply integrated into the fabric and life in Kobe. Jackie & Partners put together a video showcasing 7 foreigners in Kobe talking about why they came to Kobe, what they do in Kobe, and what they think about living here. The video can be found below.
Interviewed in the video are:
Nacelle Scritchley (Australia) : Director, Community House and Information Centre
Roumiana Tsenkova (Bulgaria) : PhD Engineering and Agriculture, Kobe University
Montserrat Sanz Yagüe (Spain) : PhD in Linguistics and Brain Cognitive Sciences, Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
Ketan Chaudhari (India) : President, Orient Pearl Japan
Louise Dendy (United Kingdom) : Public Relations Specialist, Office of the Mayor, Kobe City Government
Robin Shaw (United States) : Fashion Reporter
Ike Taechanarong (United States) : Chef-Owner of Mickey’s Club

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