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Pottery Exhibition

at Community House & Information Center in 2018

Glass Artist : Yukiko Nakano

This artist works entirely with glass. Starting by blowing the glass itself and then cover with glass painting as a whole. She lets the blown glass cool up for a day. After masking the pattern, it is processed by sandblasting colors.

Here is a fragment of her own work interpretation: 

“If you are looking at the flowers that are translucent to the light and their veins that show up in the green, you wish to draw lines: a series of quiet impulses.

A strong feeling wrapped in soft breeze, almost the sensation of moist on my palm.

The breath blowing the hot glass creating forms is amazingly beautiful… Just like a natural connection with your heart.”

Yukiko’s artworks can be used in several ways: just as an ornament, with LED light inside as a table Christmas decoration or for Ikebana to name a few ideas. Each piece has his unique touch.

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