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19 oct 2022 – 4 Dec 2022 Madrid

Technical direction in Japan(日本のテクニカルディレクション) : JACKIE & PARTNERS LLC

In the chore of the  JAPAN DESU project, organized by DIMAD with the main collaboration of Nissan and the institutional collaboration of the Area of Culture and Tourism of the City of Madrid, the aim is to highlight both the aesthetics and philosophy, experiences and ways of doing Japanese design through three concepts: Architecture, Fashion and Automotive.

Japanese culture is like a huge loom stretched by two opposing poles: the past and the future. Tradition and innovation are the two catalysts that determine every product produced in Japan. This is something that can be clearly observed in all the design disciplines represented in the “JAPAN DESU” project and is evident in the three disciplines that make up the exhibition: architecture, fashion and automotive.

JAPAN DESUプロジェクトのメイン展示は、DIMADが主催し、日産の主な協力とマドリッド市文化観光局の制度的協力を得て、建築、ファッション、自動車の3つのコンセプトを通じて日本のデザインの美学、哲学、経験に焦点を当てることを目的として開催された。

日本文化は、過去と未来という相反する2つの軸に張り巡らされた巨大な織機のようなものである。伝統と革新は、日本で生産されるすべての製品を特徴づける2つの要因だ。このことは、「JAPAN DESU」プロジェクトを構成する建築、ファッション、自動車の3つの分野にも表れている。

Yohji Yamamoto / Issey Miyake

Global society is the largest puzzle ever constructed. Hundreds of cultures are linked together like the pieces of an immense puzzle in which any point on the board is inevitably related to the others. In this case the whole, the great puzzle, always appears before our eyes already formed beforehand and it is difficult to distinguish some pieces from others, to recognize their limits. It is not in vain that the history of humanity can be summarized in the eternal struggle to define the outline of each element, its boundaries. However, there is a single piece of the great puzzle that is always totally recognizable. It is the piece that is never confused with the others, the one that we would all use as the first step to assemble the puzzle. That piece is undoubtedly Japan, paradigm of the most advanced societies on the planet. 

We are also very happy with the success of the exhibition, which already has almost 20,000 visitors, as well as the repercussion in the Spanish media.



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