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Megumi Koyama

Megumi Koyama

Shusaku Akita

Shusaku G

Megumi Koyama and Shusaku G  make up the GoDFaMily duo. Together, they simultaneously stimulate our sense of sight and sound to usher us into their world. The piece of music created for this exhibition is called, "A Trip to the Ethnic World," where they synthesize traditional Japanese music with modern beats to create music that fills your soul and transports you to a different place.
Shusaku channels the difficulties of his past to create music. He is able to experience pure pleasure during his composition process and he hopes to communicate a wide range of emotions to his listeners. His deepest desire is for everyone who hears his music to surrender to their emotions and allow his fellow artists and craftsmen to transmit the serenity of Japan to the world.
Megumi composes music with Shusaku as well as creates powerful three dimensional art pieces with crochet, yarn, wool, fibers and plastic. For this exhibition Megumi weaved together red and white yarn into the shape of brain. The combination of using red and white is common in Japan and can be seen most prominently in the Shinto temples. Her works are extremely modern and yet she pays makes sure to pay homage to Japanese sensibilities.
The video below shows "the brain" appearing, fading, and reappearing to the song "A Trip to the Ethnic World." True to GoDFaMily's style, this video plays with lighting, sound, and colour to engage the viewer and bring them into their world.




The Brain

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