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大阪の木材を扱うショールームSTANDARD LABELで和紙作家・中村功氏の作品の展示販売を行います。

Works of washi artisan/artist Nakamura Isao will be exhibited at STANDARD LABEL SHOWROOM.

厳選した天然木材をシーンに合わせて提案するスタンダードレーベル。天然木材はグレード分けにより節・色柄の違い・割れ・欠けなどを含むが、 あえてそのような特徴を盛り込んだ商材も取り扱う。 自然の特徴を上手く利用し、木材の有効利用をすることで地球環境の保持にも努めている。

STANDARD LABEL is a natural wood brand. Their products might have differences in color patterns, cracks, chips, etc. They believe that the natural appearance of wood is one of the characteristics. Using those kind of wood lead to being eco-friendly.


Isao Nakamura was born in Kaminaka-cho, Haigyu in Tokushima prefecture on the island of Shikoku, one of Japan’s four main islands. His father and other craftsmen in Haigyu taught Nakamura the traditional techniques of washi throughout his youth. As the number of craftsmen able to create Haigyu washi began to dwindle, Nakamura chose to dedicate his life to the paper making techniques from his hometown.

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