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Street art artist

In Spain her work, large murals, can be seen in  Penelles, Juncosa, Granadella, Alcarràs, Tremp, El Cogul, and also others in Barcelona, ​​Martorell, Ferrol, Málaga or Murcia at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MUBAM). Lily has the mark of having made the largest wall in Spain, made by a single woman.


In 2017, Lily began the internationalization of her painting in France with her participation in the Hotel 128 Project and then making a solidarity mural in The Gambia. In 2018 Lily was second finalist in the “Grafitti without gravity” of the European Space Agency in Holland, the prize was to paint in space in weightless conditions. That year, several international magazines from the world of Art highlighted her as one of the emerging artists in Urban Art, while her work on women with strong and intense gaze drew attention. In 2019 she worked in Sweden, where she participated in the Artscape Saga event and painted Kungälv, a 24-meter high building that interprets the culture of the area. At the beginning of 2020, I painted in India within the Techfest IIT Bombay, one of the most relevant science and technology events in Asia.

Since its introduction into the world of Street Art, the main techniques it has developed have been spray, acrylic paint, brushes and rollers. In the last two years Lily has researched different techniques, in a constant search to find the kind of expression that suits the freedom she feels with spray cans in outdoor spaces.

2017年、彼女はフランスにて Hotel 128 Projectに参加、そしてガンビアにて行われた壁画を制作するプロジェクトに参加し、活動を海外に広げました。2018年、オランダの欧州宇宙機関のコンペティション「Grafitti without gravity」で準優勝を獲得。賞として無重力状態でペイントする機会を得ました。その年、世界の芸術誌は彼女をアーバンアートの新進アーティストの一人として取り上げ、強く鋭い女性目線の作品は注目を集めました。 2019年、彼女はスウェーデンのクングエルブにて開催されたイベントArtscape Sagaに参加し、高さ24メートルの建物にこの地域の文化を解釈した壁画を制作。2020年初め、アジアで開催される最も大きな科学技術イベントの1つである、インド工科大学ボンベイ校の科学技術フェスティバルTechfest IIT Bombayにて絵を描きました。


Lily BRIK’s art video

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